All-Star 100 continues to closely monitor COVID-19 and is taking every precaution to protect the health and safety of all All-Star 100 players, coaches and families.All upcoming tournaments for 2020 have been canceled. We understand and share the disappointment with the All-Star 100 community. Our decision is based on the growing concern of how COVID-19 is spreading.We will announce when tournaments will return.

About All-Star 100

Our mission is what drives us to make our programs fun for every youth  athlete. We do that by breaking the traditional formats of All-Star  games by creating a fun atmosphere, by building diverse, dynamic  teams and by making a positive impact on each athlete we meet.

Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, All-Star 100 programs encompass all youth sports with our unique All-Star weekend tournaments and summer camps.

Searching for the best

To change the game, we break traditional tournament formats by selecting aspiring youth athletes on an individual level. Our talent scouts are out searching local games for the top 100 athletes in each division and invite them to play in this exclusive weekend tournament


Creating Balanced Teams

A love of sports unites and challenges us. To grow, we must be challenged. We put on a full day dedicated to evaluating each player's skills and placing them on a well-balanced team. We partner with the best local trainers and professional athletes to work with our selected athletes to sharpen their skills for the big weekend.

Developing Friendships

We believe in a fair and fun game - one where everyone thrives on a level playing field. We embrace cultural diversity and believe everyone can contribute to the team's success. By providing the youth athletes a format that breaks barriers they will learn from each other and develop long-lasting friendships that go beyond the game.

Empowering Youth

The tournament is comprised of 500 youth athletes ranging from 4th grade to 8th grade. The tournaments and coaching provided at each All-Star 100 event empowers youth athletes to take ownership of their sporting experience through encouragement, development of life, leadership and character-building skills.

Showcasing talent

Athletes are never just sitting on the sidelines; we want them playing the game they love. Over the two-day event, each athlete is guaranteed at least three games. With plenty of opportunities to showcase their talent, teamwork and sportsmanship no doubt they will get noticed. Our tournament draws the attention of Top coaches and Media.