All-Star 100 continues to closely monitor COVID-19 and is taking every precaution to protect the health and safety of all All-Star 100 players, coaches and families.All upcoming tournaments for 2020 have been canceled. We understand and share the disappointment with the All-Star 100 community. Our decision is based on the growing concern of how COVID-19 is spreading.We will announce when tournaments will return.


Exclusive Invitation Only

Boy's Soccer Tournament

Date To Be Announced

Trusted Coaches Program

All Star 100 is a proud partner of the Trusted Coaches program.  All of our coaches are required to pass a national criminal background check, become certified in concussion training and child safety training (Safe Sport Act of 2017) to ensure the safety of every All-Star 100 participant!

  • Reversible Uniforms
  • Backpack
  • Elite Training
  • Shooter Shirt
  • Snacks
  • Lunch


We're Bringing The Love Back To Youth Sports

The Experience

We believe in the power of building a culturally diverse environment that brings together athletes from many different walks of life to play sports together. Many young athletes have developed new friendships through their common passion - sports! Our program features an open run draft, professional training sessions, team practice, uniforms, celebrity athletes and media. Athletes are selected by All-Star 100 talent scouts based on the athlete's demonstrated skill.

Professional Staff

All-Star 100 has partnered with hundreds of coaches, trainers, pro-athletes and industry professionals to create this dynamic tournament platform. Our staff is passionate about empowering our youth and giving them a stage to compete for fun, develop individual skills and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Athlete Development

The All-Star 100 tournaments are designed to harness each players individual talents and empower the athlete to utilize his or her talents during each game. Players develop a deep understanding of their critical roles and how to work together as a team in a fun and diverse atmosphere.

Unique Format

We break the format of traditional All-Star games who only select elite teams to compete against a small player pool. We believe there is an opportunity to give many aspiring athletes an opportunity to compete in a state-wide tournament. Our tournaments are multi-cultural, safe and FUN!

Level of Play

We aspire to create level teams across the board. The players have an opportunity to play with elite and up-and-coming athletes alike. We create competitively balanced teams to give everyone a level playing environment – creating FUN competitive play across the board. Close games add to the exciting atmosphere!